Windshield Replacement Services

Your windshield is one of the most important safety features of your vehicle. It helps keep you protected from road dirt and dust, and helps to make your vehicle structurally sound. Safety is our number one priority for every replacement.



Fast Response and Convenient Windshield Replacements

In many cases, windshield damage calls for immediate attention. That is why we make same day or next day service for your vehicle a scheduling option. Our trained windshield replacement specialists are experts on all makes and models. You can trust Allstar Windshield Centers to provide you with a safe and secure replacement.



Premium Glass and Parts

We use glass produced by industry-approved manufacturers for all of our windshield replacements. Whenever possible, we will replace your windshield with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass.




Safe Drive Away Time

We use premium Sika brand urethane adhesive that we heat to 180 degrees. It provides the strongest seal possible as it cools. A safe windshield replacement usually takes less than two hours – – approximately one hour for the replacement, plus an adhesive cure period (Safe Drive Away Time) of less than one hour before the vehicle is safe to drive. Our “Safe Drive Away Time” of less than one hour is the shortest in the industry.

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