Windshield Replacement ServicesAllStar Windshield Centers provides windshield repair and replacement services in Chicago, Illinois. With our nearby location in Addison, IL, our mobile service technicians deliver countless windshield replacements and repairs on-location throughout the city of Chicago. Our mobile service technicians can provide windshield replacement services in less than one hour, with just an additional hour wait time for our Safe Drive Away Time, giving you the fastest and most convenient services possible. Alternatively, our windshield repair services take less than 30 minutes on average. We offer to provide a windshield repair whenever it is safe and possible. We are happy to provide the people of Chicago with the highest level of auto glass services possible. Give us a call today to schedule a windshield repair or replacement, or schedule online.






Our windshield and auto glass services in Chicago, IL include the following:





Chicago, IL Windshield Repair

Chicago, Illinois is a major American city and the third largest by population in the United States. The city is an international center for finance, technology, and industry, with the third largest gross metropolitan product in the country. The city boasts the second largest central business district in the US, and has one of the largest labor pools in the country. Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport is the busiest airport in the world in terms of takeoffs and landings. Chicago has a rich culture that spans from jazz to improvisational comedy to street art. Jazz clubs have been a mainstay of Chicago for many decades. Improv comedy groups such as The Second City have served as training grounds for performers that have gone on to SNL and other TV shows. Chicago is also unique for the prevalence of public art found throughout its streets. The greater Chicago area is commonly referred to as “Chicagoland”.

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