Why Windshields Get Foggy

Almost everyone who owns an automobile has experienced their windshield and other glass in their vehicle becoming foggy at one point or another. Although, not a lot of people who experience this scenario know the cause of why it happens. To combat this, there are a few variables in which one must understand. Knowing how this fog is initially caused will help you to also understand how you can address it and quickly remove it from the windshield in a situation where your vision is impeded.

Just like a crack in your windshield that needs to be fixed immediately by an auto repair technician, foggy car windows are also important to address immediately as they can cause loss of vision while you are driving. Although, the difference between the two is that you don’t need professional auto glass experts like those found at AllStar Windshield Centers to fix a foggy windshield, instead you can quickly remove fog by changing a few variables in the vehicle’s climate.

Why Windshields Fog

Humidity is one of the main factors in why your windshield gets foggy. This can be problematic as there are a lot of things that can cause heightened levels of humidity such as the outdoor weather, people breathing in the car, and much more. In addition to the humidity, the temperature of the air can also be a large factor in whether your car windshield starts to get foggy. When it is hot outside and you have your AC blowing on the windshield, this temperature differential causes the outside humidity to condensate and fog up your glass. This is for the same reason that there is dew present on the grass and leaves in the morning as the warm morning air comes into contact with the colder ground.

How To Defog

Once you understand the driving factors of windshield fog it is important that you know how to address the issue. It is generally recommended that you try two things when you experience a foggy windshield, drying the air out and evaporating the water. As long as you’re comfortable enough, running your heat through the defrosters helps to evaporate any existing moisture in order to remove the fog. In addition to this, if there is nice weather outside you can always crack your windshield to even out the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car. Regardless of the cause, addressing the fog on your windshield is vital to maintaining a clear field of vision while driving.