Should I Repair or Replace My Car’s Glass

You will be faced with a variety of safety concerns that are worth considering when contemplating whether to repair or replace your windshield regardless of whether you decide to go with one or the other. Many individuals do not know that the safety of those inside of the vehicle depends on a correctly installed and fully functional windshield. Safety concerns such as a failure in airbag deployment and much more can be a result of problems that take place during a repair or replacement.

Crack Size

When questioning whether to repair or replace a windshield that has been damaged, the size of the crack is the first thing that should be considered. Due to the large size of the cracks present on them, some windshield may not even be considered for a repair. A trick that is commonly used to determine whether a windshield can be repaired, is one referred to as the Dollar Bill Trick. Most insurance companies will mark you for a total windshield replacement automatically if you find that the damage on your automobile’s windshield cannot be covered by a dollar bill.

Crack Position

Will the crack on the windshield be visible after a repair is completed is another question to ask yourself. It is important to consider the experience of the auto glass technician, type of crack, and tools being used, as the answer depends on these aspects. It can often disappear from site completely after a proper repair although there are times that a crack remains visible even after a repair depending on the size and position of the crack. it can become a real danger if the discrepancy is within the line of site of the driver whenever this scenario occurs. When questioning whether to repair or replace a windshield the position of the crack is another important thing to consider.

Avoid Errors, Contact a Pro

You are trying to figure out the best route to take as you do not want any leftover repair “scars” having a negative impact on the visibility of the driver which is why the position of the crack is so important to consider. Be sure to contact professionals like the experts at AllStar Windshield Centers for help today If you find that a repair is going to or has left behind a visible patch that impairs your driving visibility!