When And Why Do I need To Get My Windshield Calibrated?

To fully understand why and when your vehicle needs a windshield calibration, automobile owners must first understand what Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are. Referred to as ADAS for sort, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are becoming increasingly common in modern day cars and for that reason, automobile owners are often uninformed in regard to any maintenance that is required to keep the system running properly. Now, a windshield calibration may seem like it is completely unrelated, although this is far from the truth. ADAS take advantage of radar, lidar, cameras, sensors, and many other devices in order to help generate a driving experience that is safer for those in the car. Although, to accurately obtain all of the information the Advanced Driver Assistance System of an automobile must be properly calibrated, especially after a windshield replacement.

Windshield Calibration: When And Why

Even the slightest misalignment in the calibration of an automobile’s ADAS could lead to disastrous results. The reason for this is because of the massive amount of information that the system not only takes in but then has to relay to automated systems within the car to warn them of any potential hazards. Some of these automated systems include things like Automotive night vision, Driver drowsiness detection, Driver monitoring system, Emergency driver assistant, Blind spot monitor, Collision avoidance system, Crosswind stabilization, Forward collision warning, Intersection assistant, Hill descent control, and much more. Following a windshield replacement is also not the only time in which your vehicle may require calibration as it is generally recommended following a change in suspension or alignment, if the dashboard shows a faulty code, and if the camera has been disconnected.

AllStar Windshield Centers Can Help You With Windshield Calibration Services Today!

Providing your auto repair technicians from AllStar Windshield Centers with as much information about the vehicle as well as the windshield will help to ensure that you not only receive the correct type of windshield calibration but that it is done in a timely and efficient manner. Whether your automobile is in need of a static recalibration or a dynamic recalibration our trained professionals can handle the job and have you back on the road, safe and sound within no time. If you are in need of a windshield replacement, windshield calibration, or both, reach out to AllStar Windshield Centers. We would be happy help answer any questions you may have regarding the process or our company and the available services we have to offer. Reach out to us today!

How To Clean Car Windows

How challenging it is to clean auto glass without leaving any streaks behind is something that many people that have gone through the process of cleaning their car’s windows know about. If you are adequately equipped with the correct products and techniques that work in unison, achieving a streak-free window following cleaning is not something that is incredibly difficult.

How tiring and untimely a proper window cleaning can be is something that even those who do this professionally are aware of. But these same people are also aware of the fact that many folks are focusing too much on what type of cleaner they should purchase when instead attention should be paid to using a high-quality cloth and proper technique.

The Ins and Outs of Car Windows

A tale of two stories is what properly cleaning an automobile window can be thought of as. The outside of the window being exposed to numerous elements from the outdoors while the inside of a window is well protected from these kinds of objects is what accounts for this. Paying attention to the contrast between the outside and inside of a window and why that will impact your strategy on how to clean it is crucial for anyone attempting to do so.

Excess amounts of dirt, water, and other debris, as well as the extreme weather, are all things that the exterior of a vehicle is subject to. How the glass was made and its actual makeup is what the overall impact that this can have on a window depends on. Other than what it comes into contact with, this can also be said about the inside of the window. A film can develop from materials typically found in vehicles that “out-gas” such as rubber, vinyl, plastics, and other similar materials. When these materials unleash chemical gasses due to exposure to air, heat, and UV lighting, this term “out-gas” is what is used to describe the process.

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Get in touch the team at AllStar Windshield Centers once you realize that your window is past the point of cleaning, the quality is no longer what it should be, or the window is simply overdue for a replacement, ! Contact us today at 800-900-1505  for auto glass replacement pertaining to the rear, side, and front automobile windows.


Why Windshields Get Foggy

Almost everyone who owns an automobile has experienced their windshield and other glass in their vehicle becoming foggy at one point or another. Although, not a lot of people who experience this scenario know the cause of why it happens. To combat this, there are a few variables in which one must understand. Knowing how this fog is initially caused will help you to also understand how you can address it and quickly remove it from the windshield in a situation where your vision is impeded.

Just like a crack in your windshield that needs to be fixed immediately by an auto repair technician, foggy car windows are also important to address immediately as they can cause loss of vision while you are driving. Although, the difference between the two is that you don’t need professional auto glass experts like those found at AllStar Windshield Centers to fix a foggy windshield, instead you can quickly remove fog by changing a few variables in the vehicle’s climate.

Why Windshields Fog

Humidity is one of the main factors in why your windshield gets foggy. This can be problematic as there are a lot of things that can cause heightened levels of humidity such as the outdoor weather, people breathing in the car, and much more. In addition to the humidity, the temperature of the air can also be a large factor in whether your car windshield starts to get foggy. When it is hot outside and you have your AC blowing on the windshield, this temperature differential causes the outside humidity to condensate and fog up your glass. This is for the same reason that there is dew present on the grass and leaves in the morning as the warm morning air comes into contact with the colder ground.

How To Defog

Once you understand the driving factors of windshield fog it is important that you know how to address the issue. It is generally recommended that you try two things when you experience a foggy windshield, drying the air out and evaporating the water. As long as you’re comfortable enough, running your heat through the defrosters helps to evaporate any existing moisture in order to remove the fog. In addition to this, if there is nice weather outside you can always crack your windshield to even out the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car. Regardless of the cause, addressing the fog on your windshield is vital to maintaining a clear field of vision while driving.

Should I Repair or Replace My Car’s Glass

You will be faced with a variety of safety concerns that are worth considering when contemplating whether to repair or replace your windshield regardless of whether you decide to go with one or the other. Many individuals do not know that the safety of those inside of the vehicle depends on a correctly installed and fully functional windshield. Safety concerns such as a failure in airbag deployment and much more can be a result of problems that take place during a repair or replacement.

Crack Size

When questioning whether to repair or replace a windshield that has been damaged, the size of the crack is the first thing that should be considered. Due to the large size of the cracks present on them, some windshield may not even be considered for a repair. A trick that is commonly used to determine whether a windshield can be repaired, is one referred to as the Dollar Bill Trick. Most insurance companies will mark you for a total windshield replacement automatically if you find that the damage on your automobile’s windshield cannot be covered by a dollar bill.

Crack Position

Will the crack on the windshield be visible after a repair is completed is another question to ask yourself. It is important to consider the experience of the auto glass technician, type of crack, and tools being used, as the answer depends on these aspects. It can often disappear from site completely after a proper repair although there are times that a crack remains visible even after a repair depending on the size and position of the crack. it can become a real danger if the discrepancy is within the line of site of the driver whenever this scenario occurs. When questioning whether to repair or replace a windshield the position of the crack is another important thing to consider.

Avoid Errors, Contact a Pro

You are trying to figure out the best route to take as you do not want any leftover repair “scars” having a negative impact on the visibility of the driver which is why the position of the crack is so important to consider. Be sure to contact professionals like the experts at AllStar Windshield Centers for help today If you find that a repair is going to or has left behind a visible patch that impairs your driving visibility!

Fall Automobile Preparations

The fall months bring a different set of challenges than other seasons that you have to prepare your car to handle. The weather goes from post-summer comfort to cold and icy. The roads become unpleasant and even dangerous for drivers. It is necessary to take extra precaution and prepare your car for the fall months to ensure your safety and your car’s survival through that period.

Check and Change Your Fluids

Ensuring that all your car’s fluids are clean, and tanks are topped off is crucial when making sure that your car is ready for the cold temperatures coming. Colder temperatures can make the fluids in your automobile change and become thicker. When this happens their movement through your car’s engine is slowed. For this reason, you should make sure to give special care to your coolant by making sure to drain as well as replace it, since the ratio of water to coolant changes with the rising and falling of the temperature. In addition to this, another fluid that should be addressed is the car’s oil. This is important to do at the recommended oil change interval for your vehicle. It’s considered a good idea to complete an oil change before the chill arrives, particularly if you’re doing it yourself, although this is true even if you visit a professional for assistance. Colder temperatures cause the motor oil to thicken as discussed earlier. This makes it more difficult for the engine to turn over throughout the colder months.


Check the Brakes

One of the most essential things to check off of your safety checklist is a brake review. The reason why it is so important to conduct a review of the condition your brakes are in is that they are essential for safe driving. Brake pads, as well as rotors, tend to wear out faster as more problems with brakes take place during months where the temperature is low. Frozen break lines that are caused by cold air can make themselves known due to the grinding and squeaking noises that produce.


It is important to get your brakes checked before the Fall season begins. The reason for this is that cold weather increases the likeliness of brake problems since the roads have the potential of becoming slippery from a variety of hazards. The hazards people usually consider the most dangerous are snow and ice, although a batch of wet leaves that have recently fallen off a tree can pose just as much as a threat. This is why it is important to listen for unusual noises that may point to failing brake pads and stay ahead of any concerns.

What To Do After An Automobile Break-In

Those who have experienced a car break-in understand that it is something that puts a real damper on your day. Although, it is slightly less disheartening when you are properly equipped with the knowledge of what to do in such circumstances. After the event of an automobile break-in, when you realize it has happened it is important to take action right away in order to properly address the issue.

Steps to Take:

The first step is to make sure that you document all the details of the incident, inside and out. Be sure to do so without disturbing any of the vehicle’s contents to ensure an accurate report. Many parts of the car need to be photographed in this situation such as the windows, trunk, tires, doors, and any other damage of the car that may have been damaged. As discussed previously, avoid any temptation to enter the car as this may tamper with existing evidence. With these photos, along with the written documentation of damages done to the car and possessions stolen, it is time to take the next step.

The second step is to get in contact with a variety of individuals including the police department and insurance company, as well as credit card company if you realize confidential financial information has been taken. The reason why it is so important to document as much as possible in an accurate manner is that you will have to be contacting these individuals. The police should be first made aware of the situation because depending on severe how the crime is the reporting process can differ. Often a police officer will visit the scene of the crime while in other scenarios victims have to actually visit the station using means of transportation other than the vehicle that was damaged.

After you have contacted the necessary individuals to file reports on the break-in the final step is to repair your vehicle and protect it from any further break-ins. The best way to do this is to replace any broken windows why high-quality auto glass such as that available from the professionals at AllStar Windshield Centers!

Contact AllStar Windshield Centers Regarding Your Auto Glass Needs!

Here at AllStar Windshield Centers, we make sure to have your window fixed in no time so that you are back on the road as soon as possible with a vehicle that is protected from further robbery attempts! We offer auto glass replacement for front, rear, and side automobile windows. Contact us today at 800-900-1505


Tips for Keeping a Clean Windshield

Cleaning your windshield may seem like a quick and simple process but it’s a bit more complex than you may think. We are going to walk you through the best products and methods to help you get a sparkling windshield.

Windshield Cleaning Solutions

Glass cleaners are easy to find in any supermarket, but which one is right for you? Generic is the easiest way to go and there is nothing wrong with that, but if you’re looking for a little more of a bang for your buck, products like Rainx can give you more benefits. They contain hydrophobic properties that let the water roll off your windshield easier, allowing for better visibility in the rain. If you like to use concentrated products that require adding water, we suggest using distilled water as opposed to tap.

Distilled water has no left-over minerals or chemicals meaning less streaking. You can also use white vinegar in a 50/50 solution with distilled water as well. Vinegar’s acidic composition breaks down the accumulated film on glass with ease.

Windshield Cleaning Products

Next, you will need something to wipe the window with. Surprisingly, newspaper works wonders when it comes to windshield cleaning, leaving a streak-free shine. If you want to get fancy, microfiber clothes are a great idea as well. These clothes are reusable and can last you a very long time, but you must keep them from getting contaminated by other chemicals and prevent abrasive materials from getting attached to them. Keeping a separate wash basket for these and washing them separate from other items is suggested if you have enough for a small load. If not, hand washing with a mild detergent and hang drying the clothes somewhere clean will do the trick.

Windshield Cleaning Process

First and foremost, it’s important to park in a cooler environment because a hot windshield will make your window cleaning solution evaporate too quickly. Be sure to clean the front and rear windows first, since they are the most important and they have tight corners and odd angles. You might want to tackle these in the beginning, leaving the easy work for last. Start with the outer edges of the windshield – this is where they are most neglected and collect the most dirt. Once that is complete, work on the center of the windshield.

To determine where streaking may be located, use different strokes on both sides of the glass. Maybe left to right on the inside, then up and down on the outside. Working on your side windows is a breeze compared to the front and rear. Start off with rolling the window down part way first and wiping off the top edge. Continue by rolling the window up and clean up those edges and corners before you start the center of the windshield.

If Your Side Window Won’t Close, These Are Some Reasons Why

Just think, it’s the dead of winter and you can’t roll up your side windows due to something being faulty. You’d likely be fuming if it weren’t for the already chilly temperatures in the car. Now, we understand this is a made up scenario but side window problems can strike at any time. Let’s take a look at a few of the common reasons why side windows stop working properly.

The Weather Stripping is Damaged

If the weather stripping around your door is damaged, it can keep your side window from fully closing. Not only that, but mangled weather stripping can allow water, dirt, and unwanted air to enter your vehicle. The former two can cause some real trouble if they come into contact with your vehicle’s carpet or upholstery. If bad weather stripping is the cause of your window not closing properly, get it fixed as soon as possible.

Rogue Auto Glass

In order for your side windows to move up and down, it has to follow a track. As long as the glass stays along its track, everything should be good. But, if it gets off track, things can get a bit ugly. If you’re noticing rough movements or general non-movement in your window, the door panel will have to be removed in order to ascertain whether or not the window has gone off track. If so, it’s time to see an auto glass specialist.

Broken Glass

Your side windows are comprised of tempered glass, which is designed to shatter into tiny pebbles when impacted. If you get into a minor accident and damage happens to the glass along the track where you can’t see it, broken glass can get into the track and keep the window from functioning properly.


If you’re experiencing any of these signs, please come into one of our centers and we’ll resolve the issue right away. You can always opt for our mobile services too!

Common Mistakes People Make When Cleaning Their Auto Glass

Now that the weather is starting to really perk up, you’re probably feeling the urge to pull out the old bucket and soap and give your car a good washing. First off, kudos to you for taking care of your vehicle. After all, a dirty car isn’t the most attractive thing in the world. But, before you start the process, you might want to brush up on your car cleaning techniques to ensure you’re not secretly damaging your vehicle. Follow the tips below to refresh your skills.

Don’t Use Just Any Soap

You may not know this, but your vehicle’s auto glass has an important coating covering its surface. If you throw dish soap in a bucket with a sponge and use it to clean your car, you’re damaging said coating. When heading outside to scrub your car, always make sure to check the soap you’re choosing to use implies it has the proper formulation for use on auto glass. This way, you’ll never have to wonder if your cleaner is hindering your efforts.

If the Glass is Dry, Don’t Clean It Yet

Unless you’ve sprayed down your car with a hose, or wet the cloth you’re using, refrain from wiping down your vehicle while it’s dry. Even though your glass might look free of debris, there are dust particles present that can leave scratches on your windows if you wipe them with a dry cloth. The more you do this, the more your glass will weaken over time and become prone to damage. So, to avoid such implications, always make sure to hose down, wet, or apply cleaning solution prior to giving your car a wipe down.

Keep Away from Paper Towels

We all know paper towels are super convenient for cleaning pretty much anything but keep in mind that they probably aren’t the best for your auto glass. The surface of paper towels is particularly rough and even if they are wet, they can still damage the surface. If you think tissues are a better alternative, think again. A lot of tissues these days contain some form of soothing lotion and can leave behind lint and fibers when wiped along your glass. If you’re going to choose any material to clean your vehicle with, choose a microfiber towel.


There’s more to cleaning your car windows than you thought, huh? It really comes down to the materials you’re using. Follow the instructions laid out above and your auto glass will be sitting pretty come wash day. If your auto glass runs into any trouble, rely on our technicians here at AllStar Windshield Centers!

Before Tinting Your Windows, Get Your Auto Glass Fixed

Seeing varying degrees of window tint on vehicles is quite common. After all, it can feel a bit weird when you’re sitting in your car and everyone can see you. Window tint offers some level of privacy for drivers and their passengers. It also reduces UV rays and can help keep your car a bit cooler in the summer. But, if the tint is applied over a broken window, you’re basically just throwing money down the drain. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why…

Impaired Quality

By placing tint over a damaged window, you’re gambling with the overall quality of the finish. If any chips or cracks are present on the windshield at the time you apply the tint, they will definitely become more noticeable and you run the risk of the tint developing a groove around those damaged areas. Save yourself from a messy tint job and get your auto glass replaced before trying to do anything to it.

Could Be a Problem with the Law

There aren’t laws in place prohibiting drivers from tinting their damaged windows, but if a police officer notices your window tint is especially messy they might pull you over. The reason for this is that having blatant imperfections in your tint can limit your vision on the road. It’s not illegal to have window tint but it is illegal to operate a vehicle with a heavily discolored or cracked windshield that may prove dangerous to the vehicle operator and other drivers on the road. It’s not a done deal that you’ll be pulled over, but shoddy tint over damaged auto glass can be enough for it to happen.

If the Tint Job is Bad, Trust Us to Fix It

Our technicians are experts for a reason, so no matter what quality of tint job you arrive at one of our centers with, we can get it repaired just as quickly as a normal window. We’ll remove the tint, repair any imperfections in your auto glass, and leave you with a clean slate so you can, hopefully, do better with the window tint the second time around.


If you’re struggling with some bad window tint or simply need your auto glass repaired or replaced, get in touch with your nearest AllStar Windshield Center. If you’d rather keep things on the web, you can choose to fill out our online contact form. We look forward to helping you!