How to Protect your Windshield

Here at Windshield Centers our repair technicians are trained beyond industry standards, and can have your windshield repaired swiftly. However, how do you care and protect your windshield to prevent early replacement? In the present day, windshields are designed for more than just a window, it plays a significant part to your car’s vehicular safety. Here are some tips to keep you safe on the road and maintain protection on car.

  • Distance: A simple way to avoid glass damage on the road is to maintain a safe distance from trucks with lose objects in their trunk and beds while driving. Being aware on the road for these types of vehicles will help avoid rear-end collisions too.
  • Temperature Changes: Try to park in shady or cool areas since extreme temperature changes on either side of the windshield creates stress on it. With enough heat parking in direct sunlight will weaken your windshield. If you already have a crack on your windshield it will worsen and spread in extreme heat or cold temperatures.
  • Sudden Impact: Sudden jolts to your car will impact the longevity of your windshield whether you are driving or not. Intense vibrations from slamming your car doors will slowly damage your windshield. Also minor cracks may spread with the sudden impact.
  • Ammonia-free Cleaners: First, glass cleaners that contains ammonia is harmful when inhaled but also will damage the tint of your windshield. By using a microfiber or cotton towel it is less of a hassle and a better solution to cleaning your windshield. Other alternatives for cleaning products that’s ammonia-free are vinegar or alcohol.

By checking in regularly with experts who specializes in windshields, like AllStar Windshield Centers, you can help address any concerns on your windshield and it will help prevent future damages that might occur.

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