How to Get Better Mileage Out of Your Vehicle

With high gas prices, most drivers are looking for ways to limit the amount of driving they are doing and if they do have to drive, looking for ways to limit gas usage. By driving safely and being aware, you can get better mileage and save a few dollars, too! Give these tips a try.

  • Replacing certain parts will help improve your gas mileage. Replacing your mass air flow sensor, oxygen sensor, or your spark plugs can help you improve your ride’s gas consumption.
  • Avoid driving over 45 MPH when you’re not on the highway. Staying around the zone of 40- 45 MPH is a great speed for reducing fuel consumption.
  • When driving on the highway, use your cruise control to stay at a consistent speed. Braking and changing speeds often will make your car use more fuel.
  • Slow down slowly. When coming up to stop signs or red lights, try to gradually reduce your speed so that you do not have to slam on the brakes at any point. This means you have to accelerate less and will not be using as much fuel.
  • Use a liberal following distance when driving behind other vehicles. You do not want to be tailgating another car too badly because whenever they stop you will have to brake suddenly. Every time you brake you are killing any momentum you had going, meaning you just have to accelerate again, using more fuel in the process.
  • Remove your roof rack when you’re not using it. Studies have shown that a roof rack can limit the aerodynamics of a car.
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