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How Rear Windshield Replacement Differs

Many vehicle owners will never experience a damaged rear windshield but if you do, it’s important to keep in mind the differences compared to a front windshield replacement.

The main cause of most windshield damage we see at AllStar Windshield Centers? Car accidents. If your rear windshield has been shattered or damaged due to a collision, the first step is to have it replaced. One thing you’ll notice is that the price differs from a front windshield replacement. Here’s why.

Rear Windshields Are Made Differently

Your front windshield is actually made of a laminated glass, made up of two to three layers of glass to help avoid shattering in a collision, but your rear windshield is made of tempered glass. The reason for making a rear windshield from tempered glass is so that it shatters when it’s damaged enough, but instead of shattering into shards, it shatters into tiny pebbles to reduce injuries. Since there is a different process for making these two types of glass there is a price difference.

Rear Windshields Have a Defrost Grid

Have you always wondered what the lines in your rear windshield are for? These lines are actually a defrost grid to help melt snow and ice on your rear windshield. Because of this defrost grid taking more time and money to install, your rear windshield replacement cost is going to slightly differ from your front windshield replacement.

Understanding these differences will help avoid the shock of learning how much replacing your rear windshield will be. To schedule your appointment with AllStar Windshield Centers, contact us today at 800-900-1505, or by filling out our online contact form.