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football bonanza 2019


1. For the upcoming game only, select “Win” or “Lose” based on what you think Chicago will do this week.

2.) Enter your guess at the total number of points that will be scored in this week’s game (Chicago and Opponents).

3. Fill out agency name and your name below.

4. Click on “Submit” button.

5. Submissions must occur prior to kickoff.

6. Winners will be announced weekly.

7. The December 29th game against the Vikings is the Super Bowl Bonanza. To be eligible, you must have won from the 15 previous games.

Contest Details

How You Win

If you pick the winner and enter the closest to the total points (without going over) you win!! Example: Assume Chicago wins 28 to 21. If you chose Chicago to win and 49 total points, you have won!

If you chose Chicago to win and 46 total points, you would be the winner as long as no one chose Chicago to win and 47, 48 or 49 total points. If you chose Chicago to win and 50 total points, your total points are over the actual total points and you lose (Better luck next week!).

What You Win

Weekly, ALLSTAR will give a $25 Jewel/Osco Gift Certificate to all winners. Winners also receive an automatic entry in the ALLSTAR FOOTBALL BONANZA Championship and a chance to win $500!


1) No purchase is necessary.
2) Please do not submit an entry if your company’s corporate policy prohibits your participation.
3) Only one entry per person, per week.
4) Only insurance agents and agents’ employees are eligible to play.
5) You can win more than once (if you are a weekly winner, you can play and win in other weeks).
6) All entries MUST be submitted and received one hour prior to gametime.


This website promotion is for entertainment purposes only. There are no expectations of the participants other than to follow the rules and have fun. AllStar Windshield Centers has the right to change the rules and / or discontinue this promotion at any time without written notice.