Common Mistakes People Make When Cleaning Their Auto Glass

Now that the weather is starting to really perk up, you’re probably feeling the urge to pull out the old bucket and soap and give your car a good washing. First off, kudos to you for taking care of your vehicle. After all, a dirty car isn’t the most attractive thing in the world. But, before you start the process, you might want to brush up on your car cleaning techniques to ensure you’re not secretly damaging your vehicle. Follow the tips below to refresh your skills.

Don’t Use Just Any Soap

You may not know this, but your vehicle’s auto glass has an important coating covering its surface. If you throw dish soap in a bucket with a sponge and use it to clean your car, you’re damaging said coating. When heading outside to scrub your car, always make sure to check the soap you’re choosing to use implies it has the proper formulation for use on auto glass. This way, you’ll never have to wonder if your cleaner is hindering your efforts.

If the Glass is Dry, Don’t Clean It Yet

Unless you’ve sprayed down your car with a hose, or wet the cloth you’re using, refrain from wiping down your vehicle while it’s dry. Even though your glass might look free of debris, there are dust particles present that can leave scratches on your windows if you wipe them with a dry cloth. The more you do this, the more your glass will weaken over time and become prone to damage. So, to avoid such implications, always make sure to hose down, wet, or apply cleaning solution prior to giving your car a wipe down.

Keep Away from Paper Towels

We all know paper towels are super convenient for cleaning pretty much anything but keep in mind that they probably aren’t the best for your auto glass. The surface of paper towels is particularly rough and even if they are wet, they can still damage the surface. If you think tissues are a better alternative, think again. A lot of tissues these days contain some form of soothing lotion and can leave behind lint and fibers when wiped along your glass. If you’re going to choose any material to clean your vehicle with, choose a microfiber towel.


There’s more to cleaning your car windows than you thought, huh? It really comes down to the materials you’re using. Follow the instructions laid out above and your auto glass will be sitting pretty come wash day. If your auto glass runs into any trouble, rely on our technicians here at AllStar Windshield Centers!