mom getting daughter out of car

Mom-Friendly Vehicle Features

Every day, moms are working hard driving their kids to school, carpooling to sport practices, and everything in between. Thanks to new, multi functional features in newer model cars, many vehicles have a handful of mom-friendly features that make life easier.

Entertainment System

In-car entertainment systems are a great way to keep kids entertained, especially when you’ll be in the car for a longer duration. If possible, opt for a split-screen system to avoid any arguing over what to watch.

Hands-Free Lift Gate

Whether your hands are full or the kids are trying to throw things in the trunk, having a hands-free lift gate will not only make it easier to put your groceries away but will also avoid any injuries from the trunk closing on little fingers. Many newer cars now have a sensor under the back of the vehicle, making it as easy as moving your foot under the bumper to get your trunk to open.

In-Floor Storage

Carriages, sports equipment, and all of the fun items that come along with having kids take up a lot of space in your car. Having in-floor storage in your vehicle (typically in newer model minivans), you’re able to store away the things you need to keep in your car but don’t use as frequently in order to save the easily accessible spaces for those items that you need to get to regularly.

Things you can store in your in-floor storage: diaper bags, toys, muddy shoes, and extra snacks!

Built-In Cooler

Whether you’re heading on a road trip or soccer game, having a built-in cooler in your vehicle will be an absolute game changer! Keep juice and water cold at all times and never worry about hearing a complaint about sandwiches being floppy and gross. Stopping at a convenience store or snack bar can get expensive and your built-in cooler will help cut those costs!

In-Car Vacuum

Kids are messy and being able to easily clean up crumbs, dirt, and mud out of your car means less worrying about finding time to stop to vacuum your car at the local car wash. Cleaning up after your kids has never been easier!

Other Vehicles Serviced by AllStar Windshield Centers

AllStar Windshield Centers services more than just automobiles. The windshield is an important safety feature for more than just autos. Also, auto glass is important for the security of larger vehicles like mobile homes and buses. We provide windshield repairs and replacements to tractor trailers, buses, and mobile homes.

Mobile homes are often used for long trips. This makes it more likely that they will suffer some auto glass damage over time. Our windshield repair and replacement specialists are trained to repair this type of auto glass so that the mobile home is returned to its original structural integrity.

Tractor trailers use high quality windshields, but they are also on the road more than almost any other vehicle. This makes it almost inevitable that they will suffer windshield damage at some point in their lifespan. We provide auto glass replacements and repairs for tractor trailers, as they wear out significantly over time.

We also provide windshield and auto glass repairs and replacements for buses. Buses take frequent auto glass damage because they are on the road so often and have many sections of glass that can get damaged.

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