How to Get Better Mileage Out of Your Vehicle

With high gas prices, most drivers are looking for ways to limit the amount of driving they are doing and if they do have to drive, looking for ways to limit gas usage. By driving safely and being aware, you can get better mileage and save a few dollars, too! Give these tips a try.

  • Replacing certain parts will help improve your gas mileage. Replacing your mass air flow sensor, oxygen sensor, or your spark plugs can help you improve your ride’s gas consumption.
  • Avoid driving over 45 MPH when you’re not on the highway. Staying around the zone of 40- 45 MPH is a great speed for reducing fuel consumption.
  • When driving on the highway, use your cruise control to stay at a consistent speed. Braking and changing speeds often will make your car use more fuel.
  • Slow down slowly. When coming up to stop signs or red lights, try to gradually reduce your speed so that you do not have to slam on the brakes at any point. This means you have to accelerate less and will not be using as much fuel.
  • Use a liberal following distance when driving behind other vehicles. You do not want to be tailgating another car too badly because whenever they stop you will have to brake suddenly. Every time you brake you are killing any momentum you had going, meaning you just have to accelerate again, using more fuel in the process.
  • Remove your roof rack when you’re not using it. Studies have shown that a roof rack can limit the aerodynamics of a car.

What is a Sandblasted Windshield?

While getting dings, chips, and cracks in your windshield are common, you may not have heard the term “sandblasted” before. A sandblasted windshield is what happens when small sand particles continually come into contact with your windshield. While these sand particles aren’t large enough to cause serious damage, they can create minuscule holes in the glass. There is only so much you can do to protect your windshield from debris on the road, but you can help your windshield from becoming sandblasted again.

How Does This Happen?

If you find yourself asking how your windshield got like this in the first place, the answer is likely going to be because you drive too close to the people in front of you. When you tailgate, road debris like rocks, dirt, and sand are sent into the air by tires and go crashing into your windshield. The more you tailgate and the closer you get to other drivers, the more damage your windshield will sustain. Keeping a safe distance from others on the road is your best chance at minimizing auto glass damage from dirt and sand particles.

Why Should I Get My Windshield Fixed?

While sandblasting alone isn’t enough to destroy your windshield, it can weaken it immensely and make it much more susceptible to cracks and chips. A rock simply needs to be spit out from a random vehicle and shot at your windshield to cause some real issues with your sandblasted auto glass. If you bring your windshield in for repair, the technicians at AllStar Windshield Centers can remove the damage and pits left behind from sandblast damage and get you back on the road safely.


If the damage we’ve described sounds like something your windshield is suffering from, come into your nearest auto glass center and we’ll get your windshield back in top shape. We look forward to seeing you!

How Long does a Windshield Repair Take?

One of the most common questions that we receive is “How long does a windshield repair take?” And it makes sense. Our customers want to know how long they will have to wait for their service to be completed. Fortunately, windshield repairs are our fastest service.

Windshield repairs at AllStar Windshield Centers take about 30 minutes or less. Our windshield repair technicians insert our Clarity Windshield Repair Resin into the point of damage. Next, they use ultraviolet light to cure the resin in under one minute.

Using our services to repair your windshield will prevent you from needing to fully replace your windshield later on, because it is less likely for the damage to spread. It is also our fastest service and typically the most affordable because insurance companies will often waive the deductible, so we recommend you repair your windshield whenever possible!

Call us today at 800-900-1505 for more information about our windshield repair services!

Will I be able to see the damage after a windshield repair?

One frequently asked question we receive at AllStar Windshield Centers is if you are able to see any evidence of windshield damage after the repair is complete. Our windshield repair technicians use our Clarity® Windshield Repair Resin for every job. The goal of our repair resin is not only to create strong and long-lasting repairs, but also to provide the clearest view possible. The damage after a repair is virtually impossible to find. Yes, you can technically see the damage, but only if you’re looking for it.

Our goal with windshield repairs is to create a strong seal while also giving the driver the most optimal driving clarity. Our windshield repair resin matches the refractive index of your windshield, meaning that the windshield will be completely clear after the windshield repair. While it will technically be possible to see the place of repair, the result will be virtually indistinguishable from a new windshield.

For more information about windshield repairs at AllStar Windshield Centers, visit our windshield repair page, or contact us at 800-900-1505.

How Does your Windshield Help Keep you Safe?

Your windshield does more than keep dirt and sand out of your face while you drive. Through automotive history, the windshield has developed into a key safety feature of the car that helps keep the cabin intact in motor accidents. The windshield provides important structural integrity to your car. In front-end collisions, your windshield helps the cabin stay intact by absorbing up to 50% of the incoming force.

Additionally, the windshield helps keep driver and passengers inside the car during accidents by not completely breaking. One of the leading causes of fatalities in motor accidents is passengers being ejected from the car. While wearing a seatbelt is the most important thing to do to avoid ejection, the windshield can help prevent fatality by keeping passengers inside the relative safety of the car’s cabin.

In addition, the windshield plays a key role in rollovers by helping to support the roof of the cabin. Another leading cause of fatality in motor accidents is head injury. This can be caused by the cabin being compromised during rollovers when the roof collapses.

In less severe accidents where the windshield might break, it is not only giving the car strength during the accident, but it is helping keep you safe by not shattering into small pieces of glass. Windshields are designed to break in a way that will not shed small pieces of glass like a normal sheet of glass. Instead, the laminate process makes it so it breaks in a controlled fashion.

Finally, the windshield is important for passenger safety because it helps keep the air bag inside the car during accidents. Where the driver’s side air bag usually releases out of the steering wheel, the passenger side air bag bounces off of the windshield as it comes out of the dashboard. The windshield must be strong enough to protect against that force.

The best way to keep your windshield healthy is to be proactive with windshield damage. If you have a crack or chip in your windshield, have it repair or replaced as soon as possible. Contact AllStar Windshield Centers for more information.

How to Protect your Windshield

Here at Windshield Centers our repair technicians are trained beyond industry standards, and can have your windshield repaired swiftly. However, how do you care and protect your windshield to prevent early replacement? In the present day, windshields are designed for more than just a window, it plays a significant part to your car’s vehicular safety. Here are some tips to keep you safe on the road and maintain protection on car.

  • Distance: A simple way to avoid glass damage on the road is to maintain a safe distance from trucks with lose objects in their trunk and beds while driving. Being aware on the road for these types of vehicles will help avoid rear-end collisions too.
  • Temperature Changes: Try to park in shady or cool areas since extreme temperature changes on either side of the windshield creates stress on it. With enough heat parking in direct sunlight will weaken your windshield. If you already have a crack on your windshield it will worsen and spread in extreme heat or cold temperatures.
  • Sudden Impact: Sudden jolts to your car will impact the longevity of your windshield whether you are driving or not. Intense vibrations from slamming your car doors will slowly damage your windshield. Also minor cracks may spread with the sudden impact.
  • Ammonia-free Cleaners: First, glass cleaners that contains ammonia is harmful when inhaled but also will damage the tint of your windshield. By using a microfiber or cotton towel it is less of a hassle and a better solution to cleaning your windshield. Other alternatives for cleaning products that’s ammonia-free are vinegar or alcohol.

By checking in regularly with experts who specializes in windshields, like AllStar Windshield Centers, you can help address any concerns on your windshield and it will help prevent future damages that might occur.

How Long Does a Windshield Replacement Take?

Windshield replacements involve removing the broken glass from the automobile, cleaning out any debris, making the replacement with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality glass, and waiting the Safe Drive Away Time of 60 minutes.

Removing the old glass and making the replacement takes one of our windshield replacement technicians about one hour or less. The replacement technician can make the replacement in that time frame at one of our locations, or from the mobile service van at your location.

After the service is complete, you must wait about one hour or less for our premium adhesive to completely cool and set. This is our one hour or less Safe Drive Away Time, and is essential for a properly sealed and secured windshield. After the premium Sika brand urethane adhesive has set, your vehicle is safe to drive.

In total, a windshield replacement takes about two hours. One hour for service, and another hour for the adhesive to set. For more information about our windshield replacement services, give us a call or contact us online.