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5 Tips for Keeping Your Windshield in Tip Top Shape

Windshields keep drivers safe and protected from the elements, but unless your windshield malfunctions, many drivers don’t give their windshield a second thought. To keep them in working order, it’s important to give them proper maintenance. To help reduce incidents with your windshield in the future, consider these tips.

1. Avoid Slamming Your Car Doors

When you slam your car doors, your car will experience severe vibrations and over time this can cause the sides of your windshield to come off their tracks. If you have any small cracks or chips in your windshield, slamming your car doors will cause them to spread.

2. Avoid Parking in Direct Sun

Strong UV Rays can negatively impact the integrity of your windshield because of the temperature difference of the inside and outside of your vehicle. When possible, park in the shade or in a parking garage to further protect your windshield.

3. Get Any Chips Fixed Quickly

Small chips in your windshield are inevitable and next time you experience one, have it repaired quickly to avoid any additional issues! The resin that is used to repair it will prevent the chip from spreading further.

4. Clean & Replace Your Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers don’t last forever and keeping them repaired and replacing them when necessary will help avoid windshield issues. Notice small scraps from your windshield wipers? This is a sign that they need to be replaced or need to be cleaned!

5. Only Use Window Cleaner to Clean Your Windshield

There are a lot of chemicals in cleaners other than car window cleaner that can damage the tint and integrity of your car’s glass. When you are cleaning your windshield, always use a microfiber towel to avoid scratching the glass.

Spring Driving Tips

As spring rolls around, we begin to leave our winter hibernation and get out of the house more often. In the spring and summer, there are more drivers on the road than at any other time. While every season has its own unique challenges for the driver, spring typically gives drivers trouble in the form of potholes, rain, and fog. Watch out for the following while driving this spring:

  • Rain: This is the rainy season. This means that roads will often be slick and slippery. As we know, that means slower stop times for automobiles.
  • Potholes: Winter does a number on the health of our roads. Expect to encounter serious disrepair in the spring months as towns and cities work to fix potholes. Keep an eye out for potholes and cars that may be swerving ahead of you (they’re probably avoiding a pothole!).
  • Busy Roads: Not only are there more automobiles on the road, but there are also more joggers, walkers, and cyclists on the road that are enjoying the nicer weather. While the snow might be giving you some more space on the road, you are going to have to share it!
  • Fog: The spring is not only rainy, it is also commonly foggy. Vision is limited for you and other drivers in foggy conditions. Use caution!

If you experience damage to your windshield or auto glass, call AllStar Windshield Centers today to get it repaired before it causes other issues!